Hoo, boy. I always hate writing about myself, yet every remotely social environment on the internet seems to want you to do just that, and in great detail even. I suppose the comments section here will just become a running Q&A that way if I don’t happen to mention anything about myself you’d like to know, just ask and I’ll give you a straight answer. I wish I had more to write here.

I like sandwiches? But I don’t like onions on them. I hate onions. HATE.

Well, here’s something weird about myself that I just thought of; I look up to, and would like to emulate the following internet personalities.

Shamus Young – I can only hope to write about gaming as profoundly as this man does. It’s a wonder he’s not a consultant for videogame publishers.

Linkara – Atop the fourth wall has been pretty consistently great since it debuted. For a man who appears to have no formal training in film, writing, or effects, he has done nothing but put out great vids since day one. I wish I could be popular enough to warrant people cosplaying as ME.  (I’m serious, that happened.)

Purepwnage – These are the only guys I know of to turn a weird internet show into a full fledged TV show. They are great.

Handsome Tom – This man took a royal screwing like a total champ (ever hear of screwattack.com? That was half his idea.). Stuttering Craig deserves to be hit by a car. On top of all that, he’s still producing fairly entertaining content, and is one of the most awesome guys on the internet.


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