Copy and Paste 18

So, since we last left off the next few strips are as follows.

Shitty Guild wars reference (Seriously, I play this game and I still don’t get the joke.)

Chief Brian: Which would have boiled down to him saying “Troy was awesome it’s better than ice cream “in the first panel and “See you Wednesday” in the fourth panel.


A joke I don’t even get. Like is he afraid of Nintendo? I don’t get it.

The players characters? Now that, I can work with.


Legal Jargon: All characters and likenesses are property of Tim Buckley

Ok, who the fuck does this in a co-op game? Neither I, nor anyone I game with (or have ever gamed with regularly) does this. Since Ethan’s obviously drawing from personal experience (write what you know and all that), either he or people he games with are griefers to their own “friends”. I’m all for the occasional practical joke, but seriously you’ve got to be a grade A douchewagon to treat your friends like this on a regular basis especially if you’re supposed to be COOPERATING.


Legal Jargon: All characters and likenesses are property of Tim Buckley

From an editing standpoint, I love these. I just think to myself “well, this comic was x panels to long, done.” But I can only imagine Tim going “that’s a good joke but I need 4 panels or I’ll have to fire my writer (who is me). DAMN MY BOSS (who is also me)!!!!”

But who am I kidding; Tim’s not clever enough to do that. And that was pretty fucking terrible.

By the by, I played matrix online (MXO) a few months before it closed (I did not know it was closing when I signed up.) It was seriously the most underrated MMO I’ve ever seen, it makes me sad thinking that no one else played it. Oh well.


Legal Jargon: All characters and likenesses are property of Tim Buckley

More players noise, and I’m okay with that. If you want to write Itchy and Scratchy meets video games go right ahead. (yes I know Itchy and Scratchy is supposed to be a parody, shut up) but the line “just as in real life” gets me. Now, I’m not in the military, but I can’t imagine that this is common practice there, so why must we equate games with reality? They’re games. Oh, and the punchline is “Fuck you Prickface” you kind of got a whole dead panel rotting after that B^Uckley.

If you’re wondering why there’s a lot more going on here word-wise than usual, it’s because I’m writing my little commentary while I edit. As opposed to my “Get home from work, punch out a blog in my underwear while I watch something on hulu” model. I like it this way a little more.


~ by Tornadic on March 23, 2010.

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