Copy and Paste 1


So, the obvious question is WTF are you doing? Well I’ve been lurking on the SA thread about CAD when it hit me, Tim Buckley is not a bad artist, nor is he a bad writer. He’s not great, but…Imagine a sculptor; this sculptor makes a beautiful sculpture but then covers it garbage and tapes a bunch of wood scraps to it. Any critic or fellow artist who suggests that maybe under all the garbage and wood scraps there is a bronze dragon waiting to be revealed is shunned from his presence. This is CAD.

I’m convinced that there is compelling characters, heartwarming stories, and hilarious physical comedy in this comic. It’s just buried under wordswordswordswords, and Tim’s own rigid adherence to two basic principals:

1) Every comic MUST be 4 panels (at least!)

2) Dialogue punch lines are a MUST

Add to this the fact that he believes that he can write as well as Jerry Holkins, Brian Clevenger, or Kevin Smith, and you have the flaws of Ctrl-Alt-Del.

So, what am I going to do about it? I’m going to edit his entire archives starting from 2004 (I feel that every webcomic deserves at least 2 years to iron out its kinks and get into a natural flow). And I’m going to try and find the Bronze Dragon underneath all that garbage.

The Process: I put the comic into MS paint, then using Copy, Paste, and a few paint tools for touching up; I’m going to re-write all of CAD using Buckley’s own art and dialogue. Hopefully you’ll follow me along on this wild journey.

I’ll try to get three edits done a day (7 days a week), and I’m going to avoid Single panel splash pages, and larger narratives that are out of continuity (like his winter-een-mas stories about the gaming gods)

And thus begins copy and paste.


~ by Tornadic on February 25, 2010.

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